Our Story

Welcome to the whimsical world of I've Arrived Organics. A safe, sustainable one stop shop of vibrant, artist-designed baby essentials you can feel totally at peace about. Created with your precious littles in mind, first and foremost, you are the reason we are here.

I've Arrived Organics founder, Jennifer was on the prowl for organic baby clothing. Jennifer, a new aunt, sought out baby designs that were safe to wear, because she was discovering firsthand what precious, sensitive skin their littles had. And what a difference organically sourced, ethically produced cotton made to every soul on this planet.

After much research, she found the process of conventional cotton was absolutely full of toxic chemicals and harsh dyes and that cotton itself was grown with pesticides.
Then she realized that the only organic cotton baby gear out there, seemed so limited color wise, so neutral and plain. It just didn’t pop.

Then the stars aligned... it was time for her to create their own truly organic baby line featuring her very own art and unique, inspired prints in literally every color of the rainbow. While also going through the very comprehensive task of being certified safe and organic for your (and their) precious littles.

“I want Mother’s to be able to have the option to buy safe clothing for their precious little ones. At the same time, benefitting the environment by providing eco-friendly and sustainable clothing. All without sacrificing head-turning and beloved designs full of whimsy and irresistible cuteness.”

I've Arrived Organics illustrations are all created and printed using a Direct to Garment printer. Unlike screen printing, where the garment eventually experiences cracking and peeling. The Direct to Garment printer applies ink that gets embedded into the fibers of the cotton. Allowing for a long lasting and superb hand. Featuring Certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 inks. These inks are painstakingly tested in a lab to make sure they are safe and chemical free. They are also eco-friendly and water based.

I’ve Arrived Organics products are made with 100% Organically Grown Cotton that adhere to the highest global standards of organic textile production (GOTS). Meaning the mills are Fair Trade. The farmers and workers are paid fair wages and work under ethical conditions. And from there, the cotton goes through rigorous certification by GOTS to make sure it’s truly organic.

Inspired by mother nature and whimsical things, I know you'll love my bright, fashionable organic baby wear and gifting as much as I loved creating it for you. And at the same time, feel good about helping the environment with your purchase of eco-friendly and sustainable clothing.